Dryer repair Tips and Tricks


A dryer is an elementary home appliance used to dry wet clothes and other washable items. Its main component is the drum which is responsible for transporting hot air generated by either a gas heater or an electric heater, to the wet items. The drum is driven by a motor with pulleys that are interconnected by a number of belts. The drying rate is determined by the revolution speed of the drum, and it comes with thermostats for controlling the temperature. Sometimes the dryer may stop working suddenly if any of these components break down. You can try fixing dryer repair problems on your own but if that fails, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

Dryer repair tips and tricks

Wet clothes

If your dryer does not dry clothes, start by checking the simple things. Check if you have put too many clothes in the machine at once as this will significantly affect its drying time. Do you clean the lint filter regularly? A clogged filter will not only reduce the dryer’s efficiency but will also be a potential fire hazard.

Check if the exhaust duct is clogged or kinked. The duct is placed at the back of the machine and blows hot air out of the house.

Check the controls of the dryer. If you can’t find them, consult the manufacturer’s directions. Controls that may prevent dryer for drying clothes include the thermostat, the centrifugal switch and the temperature selector switch. For more modern digital dryers, use diagnostic codes in the manufacturer’s directions to troubleshoot the controls.

Drum fails to turn

If the machine is getting sufficient heat but the clothes fails to turn, then the dryer drum may be having a problem. The drum is supposed to turn when the machine is in action.

Check if the belt is loose or has broken. Open the top of the machine to find the belt, which would be wrapped around the drum. Write down the dryer’s make and model and buy a new belt from the local hardware store. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to replace the dryer belt.


Another common dryer problem is shaking and vibrating like it’s out of control. This may occur if the dryer loses balance and can be fixed by adjusting the feet. If one foot is lower than the other, it would knock off the dryer’s balance. You can adjust these feet either by hand or using a wrench. When adjusting the feet, it is advisable to bring them down closer to your floor. If the feet is higher, then there is a greater possibility for vibration and shaking. http://www.Surpriseappliancerepair.appliancecos.com


Moreover, ensure the screws on the external part of the dryer are all properly screwed. Loose screws may contribute to dryer’s shaking and shifting.

If you try out these tricks and the problem still persists, call a professional repairman to get the job done. Attempting to fix dryer problems that you know nothing about will only cause further damage to your appliance. But ensure you choose a reliable repair company.

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