The Awesome History of Granite from the Ground to the Kitchen Countertop

Are you looking into a new granite countertop for your home kitchen or bathroom? Here is one cool fact about granite; your newly installed kitchen counter will be made from a material that has been many years in the creation. As a matter of fact, some researchers actually believe that the newest article of granite on earth is 750 million years old! Granite is an all-natural stone product that cannot be duplicated by man.


Granite is a beautiful natural stone material most preferred for use in new countertops and floor coverings in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite has outperformed marble in worldwide popularity because is it all the more functional and much easier to care for. Granite is unequaled by man-made products for its hardiness and longevity, tolerance to temperature variations and resistance to discolorations and scrapes.


Granite is an organically created stone that is dug from deep in the ground, harvested, trimmed, polished, sealed and installed in kitchens and bathrooms to add beauty, luxury and distinction. Because it is a 100% natural product, no two slabs are precisely the same. Granite is available in many colors from the different minerals that are found in the stone. Since it originates from all around the world, different regions and ecological factors render it unique.


Granite is predominantly made up of quartz crystal, but it also has various levels of additional metals like feldspar, mica, copper and iron. Some granite could have specks of gold or silver. The level of each metal hinges on the region it originates from. All granite is molded into a solid stone by heat and compression. Rainfall provides other minerals as it is forming. Granite is available all around the world, in pretty much every nation, and each location will turn out a unique variety.


Granite is a truly organic product that cannot be artificially copied. It is quite durable and when it comes to be a part of your home, you will find that it does not need to be replaced every few years like some artificial products. It does necessitate some care if it is to last a lifetime.


Granite is stain resistant, but not stain-proof. For the best possible resistance, a very durable sealer is used just before it is installed in your house. Granite may be porous, so it ought to be sealed yearly. It is also a smart idea to wipe all spills immediately so strong cleaners and abrasives are not necessary to clean up messes, as they will harm the sealed surface. Dry the counter with a lint free towel to diminish water spotting.


Granite is scrape resistant, so it will not show wear and tear like other synthetic products. This doesn’t mean your cutting board is outdated. There is a sealer on the granite countertop that may be scratched or damaged and allow chemicals to penetrate and stain the product.


Granite is heat resistant, but again, the sealer may be damaged by a hot pan, so take care. The stress caused by hot objects can result in discoloration with time.


A granite countertop is quite durable, but it is also beautiful and stylish, so treat it like you would anything of amazing aesthetics. With a wide range of colors and textures, you can be sure your countertop is unique and no one else has one precisely like it. Granite is the most dependable, heat, scratch and stain resistant material you can get, so go on and use it for its intended function but take care of it properly to preserve its authentic, natural appeal for a lifetime.


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Kitchen Countertops: Granite vs. Fabricated

People are putting in more time, work and money on their kitchens today than most other homing improvement undertakings. Among the primary items to choose when you fashion your new kitchen is the kind of countertop to put in. There are quite a few types to go with, entailing mixtures of granite, marble and synthetic components. There are quite a few reasons why the progressing trend today is granite.


Looks-Beauty and Elegance:


Granite is gorgeous and elegant. It is offered in a range of stunning colors and finishes, so it is easy to fit to the rest of your kitchen design. The hinges and handles you use for your cabinet doors and drawers can be matched to the natural grandeur of the granite to enrich its polished gloss. The natural formations in the granite creates an ideal foundation for the total design of your kitchen so every detail flows and blends brilliantly.


Textures-Rich and Elegant:


The huge chunks of granite excavated from the earth are cut into slabs. This innovation enables less design variation and discoloration. Also, compared to tiles, there are less cuts or scrapes to diminish the possibility of dirt or gravel in rifts. Granite countertops provide a uniform, solid surface when they are cut and polished.


Sturdiness and Durability:


Granite is a solid, durable stone, obtained from deep in the ground. It is resistant to heat, excessive temperature changes and it doesn’t nick or crack easily. When it is properly sealed, it is not as vulnerable as man-made materials to staining or discoloration from chemicals, hot pots or spills. Granite does require some upkeep, but with very little effort, it will preserve its allure for generations of use.


Return on Investment:


Granite is a fairly expensive material and will amplify the total expense of modernizing your home, yet it is a wise investment, because of its beauty and longevity. If you are intending to sell your home in the future, a prospective buyer will have much less opening for negotiating your sales price down if they will not need to go through the expense and hard work of renovating the kitchen.


Since granite is a natural stone product, it is very easy to maintain its good looks and sophistication. Due to its widely known toughness and resilience, there is no reason to be concerned about it losing its look over the years. With minimal care you will manage to protect the appearance and veneer of your granite countertop for generations to come.


Surface Encounters has over 100 years gathered experience manufacturing and installing granite countertops. Surface Encounters state of the art equipment provides the highest quality finished product with satisfaction guaranteed. Natural stone surfaces from Surface Encounters will last a lifetime and never go out of style.